Sean Melly, It's a beautiful day
Patrick Beaulieu, The eland the arcs 2
Lucas Aguirre, A Constructive Instability

5826, St-Hubert Street, Montréal (QC) H2S 2L7

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Exhibited artists: Ingrid Bachmann, Patrick Beaulieu, Patrick Bérubé, BGL, Dominique Blain, Lars Johan Claesson, Robbie Cornelissen, Nicholas Crombach, Jannick Deslauriers, Pierre Dorion, Clinton Fein, Eddy Firmin, Karilee Fuglem, Sarah Garzoni, Karine Giboulo, Dina Golstein, Jonathan Hobin, Guillaume Lachapelle, Cal Lane, Fernand Leduc, Sean Mellyn, Zeke Moores, Clint Neufeld, Verner Panton, Karine Payette, Bevan Ramsay, David Spriggs, Claude Tousignant

This exhibition will be the occasion of an unexpected meeting of works coming from different horizons of approach or of aestheticism. This is a peculiar niche of a corpus worthy of the most astonishing works. Above all, the two co-directors, Rhéal Olivier Lanthier and François St-Jacques, wanted to share their favorite artworks with their public. Installations and sculptures will be dominant in this exhibition, but some paintings by Claude Tousignant are also present. Tousignant is an avant-garde figure and a great influencer of abstract art. His whose color use provokes a vibration in his idea that “art is an experience”. The exhibition Memorable is intended to give an idea of the multiplicity of remarkable achievements presented since 1996, marking a retrospective in the gallery’s history. For long-time regulars, it will be an opportunity to recall some remarkable exhibitions. In any case, it is a major exhibition that visitors are invited to attend.

A Constructive Instability

Exhibited artist: Lucas Aguirre

Curator: Samuel Arsenault-Brassard

Lucas Aguirre is a painter who has transitioned his art practice into the realm of VR and digital art. His paintings and drawings vary between dramatic portraiture and dense surreal explosive forces. His hand carries an intimate understanding of light, shadows. The VR worlds he creates are a direct evolution of his paintings and carries the same passion and sensibility. This is one of the most unique aspects of the work of Lucas, his VR worlds are painterly, they explore a new hybrid language. When there is a chaos, a messiness, it is not the chaos of the digital world, we sense the splatter of real paint, the tracing of the pencil, mixing with the reimagined scanned bodies. The unique qualities of reality are merged and twisted in his digital work, building up a constant contrast and conflict that heightens the emotional charge of the environments.

5 @ 7 for a discussion on the exhibitions
Friday, June 11
5pm to 7 pm


Art Mûr invites you to participate in a visit of the exhibitions with a mediator to discuss the works on display.

Visit & meeting with the curators
Saturday, June 12
2pm to 5pm


In the presence of the curators of the exhibitions Memorable and A Constructive Instability, you will have the opportunity to discover the secrets of the artists’ work and the reasons for their decisions in these projects.

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