Simon Bertrand, Transmutations
Yann Pocreau, Labradorite

2020, William Street, Montréal (QC) H3J 1R8

Old Montreal/Southwest Route


Exhibited artist: Simon Bertrand

In Afterglow, Bertrand combines a variety symbols, imageries and texts from distant eras, showing links that exist between these isolated temporalities, like echoes. The first cuneiform writings, alchemical manuscripts, Jungian texts and recent scientific publications from CERN come together here, forming a long sentence that abolishes the limits of time.

Traversées minérales

Exhibited artist: Yann Pocreau

Traversées Minérales, Yann Pocreau’s first individual exhibition at Blouin Division, is conceived as a narrative taking place on a vanished island, right on the stones that compose it and the colors that inhabit it. The exhibition brings together a new body of images and prints on silk that undeniably echo the artist’s recent presentation at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (on view until August 2021).

Visite avec Simon Bertrand
Saturday, June 12
noon to 2pm

In French

Visit of Afterglow with Simon Bertrand

Duration: 1 hour. Reservations required.

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