Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Générateur stochastique
Jenn E Norton, Eros Kiss
Samuel Arsenault-Brassard, MOR

1201, Saint-Dominique Street, Montréal (QC) H2X 2W3

Downtown Route


Immersive Summer Art Exhibition

Exhibited artists: Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Jenn E Norton, Museum of Other Realities (MOR)

Curators: Christine Redfern and Elsa Guyot

This exhibition is by appointment only and requires an entrance fee.

ELLEPHANT Presents an Immersive Summer Art Exhibition Guaranteed to Reawaken your Covid-Numbed Senses and Disperse All Covid-Induced Blues @ellephantart

PLAY the ‘Stochastic Generator’, an interactive musical installation created by Montreal artist Jean-Pierre Gauthier. Using foot pedals and movement detectors, the ‘Stochastic Generator’ responds to your input.  As the name implies, a stochastic process means you can’t predict what is going to happen next in the sound compositions initiated by you.

SEE plants, flowers and fungi interact in surprising ways in Jenn E Norton’s augmented reality series ‘The Perennials’. Irises gossip, roses embrace, daisies relax and fungi hang out in four entertaining anthropomorphic animations exposing the usually unseen and unheard communications that secretly take place all around us in the natural world.

TRAVEL through the ‘Museum of Other Realities’ (MOR), a virtual reality experience accessed via a VR headset and controllers. In this museum you can not only touch all the artworks,  you can even walk right through them. MOR architecture created by Samuel Arsenault-Brassard. The MOR collection includes forty-eight separate artworks by forty-four VR artists.

Private tour with the curators of the virtual and augmented reality exhibition
Every hour


Paid activity

Curators Christine Redfern or Elsa Guyot will present the three installations of this summer’s immersive exhibition.

Duration: 50 minutes. Departure every hour. Reservations required.

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