Marc Leduc, Jardin de poivrot(s)
Marc Leduc, Terrain vague
Marc Leduc, L'ombre et son doute
Marc Leduc, Memento Mori

6341, Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montréal (QC)  H2S 3C3

Rosemont/Little-Italy Route

L’ombre et son doute

Exhibited artist: Marc Leduc

For almost forty now years, Marc Leduc has been working at the crossroads of Informal and Outsider Art. Through his drawings, and in particular his engraved paintings on wood, he has managed to develop a unique graphic language and a very personal poetry revealing interior landscapes totally free and detached from any concession to the dogmas of our time. The exhibition The Ombre and his Doubt brings together some twenty paintings and drawings.

Rencontre avec Marc Leduc
Saturday, June 12
2pm to 4pm

In French

Take advantage of your visit to talk with artist Marc Leduc about his exhibition.

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