Eliane Excoffier, Upside and down #3 et #4
Serge Clément, Écran_0006 (Cc)

5420, Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montréal (QC) 2T 1S1

Plateau/Mile End Route

Écrans et Réseaux

Exhibited artist: Serge Clément

Galerie Simon Blais is pleased to present, from May 8 to June 19, 2021, the exhibition Serge Clément — Écrans et réseaux. This exhibition brings together 18 recent works by the Montreal photographer in room 2 of the gallery. Like many photographers of his generation who made their reputation with silver (black and white) prints, Serge Clément has, for the past fifteen years, integrated digital technologies into his practice. During a creative residency at the Cinémathèque québécoise (2016-2017), the artist viewed numerous films from the institution’s vast collection. During this time, Clément captured images from the screen, thereby creating digital files from various filmic sources or media. In particular, he was looking for those furtive moments when digital technology slips and fragments the image into thousands of pixels; these digital slips are commonly referred to as “glitches”. This is how the artist created the “Écran” series shown in this exhibition. These works are accompanied by other recent photographs by the artist that also play with the notion of image pixelation, photographic abstraction and the ambiguity between the real and the virtual, the real and the false.


Exhibited artists: Jean-Sébastien Denis, Éliane Excoffier, Isabelle Guimond, Alexis Lavoie, Julie Ouellet

Hybrid  brings together the work of Jean-Sébastien Denis, Éliane Excoffier, Isabelle Guimond, Alexis Lavoie and Julie Ouellet. These artists all have in common that their work is or has been exhibited in places other than the gallery, either currently or recently.

This exhibition shows a diversity of techniques (photography, drawing, painting). Jean-Sébastien Denis’s intricate threads and networks rub shoulders with Alexis Lavoie’s canvases composed of fragmented images, and Julie Ouellet’s inks on paper reveal sinuous and labyrinthine lines. Éliane Excoffier offers two recent digital prints presented as a diptych, spectacular images taken during dives in Roatán, a small island in Honduras. These prints are the result of superimpositions of shots taken at this precise location. Isabelle Guimond presents a diptych that appears at first glance to be a positive and negative counterpart of the same composition made with charcoal and pastel; she also offers us the work Untitled (The Web) realized with the same mediums. These pieces are based on photos by Carolyne Scenna, co-creator of the Dorm Phenomenon project.

Each of these artists invests the two-dimensional space in such a way as to propose a complex, heterogeneous composition, made of perspective games. Hybrid reveals the richness of their approaches.

Rencontre avec Isabelle Guimond et Carolyne Scenna
Saturday, June 12
noon to 2pm

In French

Take advantage of your visit to meet with artists Isabelle Guimond and Carolyne Scenna.

Rencontre avec Serge Clément
Saturday, June 12
2pm to 5pm

In French

Take advantage of your visit to meet with artist Serge Clément.

Rencontre avec Julie Ouellet
Sunday, June 13
noon to 2pm

In French

Take advantage of your visit to meet with artist Julie Ouellet.

Rencontre avec Jean-Sébastien Denis
Sunday, June 13
2pm to 4pm

In French

Take advantage of your visit to meet with artist Jean-Sébastien Denis.

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