Dan Brault, Carte saisonnière
Gabriel Morest, La Cité Radieuse
Yadir Quintana, Jean-Philippe
Justin Stephens, Shame Those Shutters

Belgo Building

372, Sainte-Catherine Street W. – #410, Montréal (QC) H3B 1A2

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Exhibited artists: Dan Brault, Lynne Cohen, Renée Condo, Bert Danckaert, Jean-Philippe Harvey,  Gabriel Morest, Carlo Polidoro López, Yadir Quintana, Justin Stephens, Anna Torma

ABSTRUS is meant to be an exploration of the practice known as abstract art. Defined as “a practice which does not represent the visible, sensitive world (real or imaginary). In opposition to figurative art, matter, texture, line or color are the subject matter” and make reference for themselves.” 1

Each of the artists in the exhibition, whether they devote themselves exclusively to this form of expression or not, find themselves at one point or another exploring this universe which is confusing for some, intimidating for others. The exhibition offers a variety of approaches where everyone hopefully will be able to find some enjoyment and the goal is that it will be perhaps the trigger for a new discovery.

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Guided tour with Carlo Polidoro López
Saturday, June 12


Carlo Polidoro López will talk about his works that are part of the exhibition. Followed by a question and answer period.

Duration: 30 minutes

Visit of the exhibition with Natalie Olanick
Sunday, June 13


Natalie Olanick is an artist, a writer and has been teaching contemporary art at Dawson CEGEP since 2005

Duration: 30 minutes

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