Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain
Shahla Bahrami, Hich o pooch
Shabnam K. Ghazi, Gabeh
Leila Zelli, Les paysages sacrés

963, Rachel Street West, Montréal (QC) H2J 2J4

Plateau/Mile End Route

mes histoires courent, courent

Exhibited artists: Shahla Bahrami, Shabnam K. Ghazi, Leila Zelli

Three Iranian-Canadian artists cross through the subtle materiality of things with calligraphy, poetry, weaving and video to create spaces infused with presence. Pierre-François Ouellette and Marie-Jeanne Musiol conceived the project in collaboration with the artists.

Meet with Leila Zelli
Saturday, June 12
2pm to 4pm


Meet with Leila Zelli, one of the exhibited artists.

5 people at a time. No reservation required.

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